Hello World!

Today is the day I start my blog. I’ll be putting any thoughts, rants or reviews up here. I’ll also be writing about all things programming, gaming and otherwise. Of course this is all speculation, I haven’t wrote much before so who knows where this will lead.

Some info about me… I live in Ireland and am 16 years old. I’m living out in the middle of nowhere and as such, the fastest internet available to me is ISDN(That’s 64kb/s) This connection generally messes up everything I attempt to do, be it online gaming, trying to download software, music etc. However, I get by in the hope that one day fast, reliable internet will come to my area. :/

The sports I play are irish sports; gaeilic football and hurling, no soccer for me!

Then, my internet life… I can be found lurking the forums at exophase.com and mformature.net. I’m not much of a poster but I spend much of my time on IRC on the server Malloc.us. I’ve released a number of games and apps for Sony’s PSP, some of which I will be updating/rewriting in the near future.

So yeah, lets see what happens…


3 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. hibbyware Says:

    Hello Roe,
    It’s nice to see that you have started blogging,
    I hope you keep it up,

  2. Levelpart Says:

    Hai guise wats goin on in dis blog

  3. Ragnarok Says:

    Looking forward to your work dude

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