AutoStart V5.2

Finally a stable version for all having problems

Hello again.

As most of you know, I released a version of Autostart two days ago that wouldn’t even start for most of you. Fortunately, through feedback from some users, I’ve managed to fix the bug and have released this small update that should solve any “Out of memory” problems or crashes.

As always, just comment, email, or sent me a message on twitter if you have any further problems.

Seems like the Out of memory problem isn’t solved, looks like one down, one to go

Heres a test build. Please report back on how it goes for you.


6 Responses to “AutoStart V5.2”

  1. GAHU Says:

    this version Didn’t change memory error in 5.00 m33-6

  2. nio Says:

    thx for new version, but problem with libpng is here also. i have PSP-1000 with 5.50GEN-D2, 4GB SONY MS.

    but, when I delete some few homebrew/ISO, AutoStart Configurator works fine. now I have got 18 homebrew/ISO in a few directorys supporting plugin Game Categories. 19 homebrew/ISO is already much and application will freeze.

    sry for my english.

  3. roe-ur-boat Says:

    I need someone who’s had the memory error to try out this build and tell me how it goes. Thanks

  4. Juan Says:

    v5.2 turns off my psp when i barley run the configurator

    Try the updated one in the main post above. – roe-ur-boat

  5. AutoStart V5.1 « Roe's Boat Says:

    […] Boat Just another weblog « My PSP programming life AutoStart V5.2 […]

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