AutoStart V5.3

Version 5.5 released!

Finally a stable version after hours of working to find the bug. There’s also a new GUI thanks to aspheric. Thanks to all that helped with testing and I hope you enjoy this stable version of the AutoStart plugin and it’s configurator.

For those of you who are new to it, this plugin lets you launch homebrew, PSX games and ISOs on startup by pressing the configured button. You can also set something to automatically start without the need to press any buttons.

You can find instructions and a changelog in the readme file included in the package.

Again, just comment, email, or send me a message on twitter if you have any further problems.

Download here:


17 Responses to “AutoStart V5.3”

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  3. Aspheric Says:

    Posted this on erotic paradise for ya.

  4. nio Says:

    great, it works fine 😀 good work

  5. stwilliams420 Says:

    Hey man sorry the bother you again, but bubbletune just updated his Game Categories plugin to v10. Now I get a error when I start the autostart configurator.

    Could not load image (./Data/Images/Gamebrowers.png). does’t exist

    Not that big a deal. I will just stick with Game Categories v9

  6. stwilliams420 Says:

    sweet thanks

  7. Logitech Says:

    I’m running 5.03Gen-B CFW on PSP3000 and unfortunately this plugin doesn’t seem to be working with this soft – black screen and than hard console reset while trying to boot games or homebrew.

  8. GAHU Says:

    Yes it works! thanks a lot 🙂

  9. Logitech Says:

    roe-ur-boat, yes I am sure that I’m installing it correctly. After enabling the plugin there is no way to open any homebrew application (I can’t even open Autostart Configurator when this plugin is running). Disabling all other plugins did not work.

  10. Logitech Says:

    Still it will be nice if you could add support for chickhen based CFWs. In my opinion quickly loading up homebrews by pressing the corresponding button is not useless 😛

  11. Logitech Says:

    Yes, it would be nice add-on 🙂 I’ve thought that this feature is already implemented.

  12. Autostart PRX v5.3 | psp news Says:

    […]…utostart-v5-3/ […]

  13. PSP-3000 Accessory Says:

    nintendo ds lite is just as awesome as a meal rofl

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