AutoStart V5.4

Version 5.5 now released!

Hey, back again with a small update to AutoStart. A few of you have asked for it to be possible to launch your games from anywhere in the XMB. Now you can do it by holding the R trigger and one of the assigned buttons. I’ve also added some instructions on using the plugin as some seemed to be having problems understanding how it worked.

For those of you who are new to it, this plugin lets you launch homebrew, PSX games and ISOs on startup by pressing the configured button. You can also set something to automatically start without the need to press any buttons.

Any problems? All you’ve got to do is comment, email, or send me a message on twitter and I’ll see what I can do.

Download here:


27 Responses to “AutoStart V5.4”

  1. Aspheric Says:

    posted on ep, and I love this so much that I start a game then exit, then repeat, lol.

  2. nickxab Says:

    Wow a new update.
    Thanks man 😀

  3. MODaWii Says:

    I believe I have found a bug with this release related to IRshell. When you play an mp4 video in IRshell and you exit the video with the triangle button, it takes you back to the main psp xmb instead of the file explorer in IRshell like it’s supposed to. When I uninstall Autostart.prx it works just fine again so I know that’s what’s causing it. You don’t even have to start IRshell using the autostart plugin, you can run it from the xmb and it still does the same thing. I am on 5.50 GEN-D2 and a 1000 psp.

    • roe-ur-boat Says:

      That’s due to the AutoStart plugin patching the exit game function to prevent looping. I could probably make an exception for IRShell though. I’ll see if I can fix it in the next release. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Help fix bugs :) Says:

    hey great work on the plugin 😀

    i would like to report a pretty annoying bug though… if i hold the button assigned to the homebrew too early or before powering my psp on it stops the psp from booting but when i do this with the recovery menu it works fine

    could it be due the the fact it loading from the memory stick and not the flash memory?

    well anyways thank you and keep up the good work ^-^

  5. AutoStart v5.4 Released | PSP Hacks · PSP Go Hacks · PSP Homebrew, PSP Downloads, PSP Custom Firmware Says:

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  6. davido31 Says:

    hello, thank you for your excellent work, there is an incompatibility with plugins dayview “when the 2 plugins are enabled PSP not start seeing the MS clinote as if looking for something …
    Think you can resolve this inconsistency (maybe it comes from “dayview” too), thank you for the interest in this remark.

    sorry for my bad english…

    • Kusanagi Says:

      I got the same problem. after the backlight turn off and then I can’t control with press some button to turn the screen on, maybe Autostart is not compatible with the dayviewer now, I’ll stop the dayviewer and try.

      PS:Sorry for my poor English too…

  7. » 自制軟件: AutoStart PRX v5.4 推出 Blog 歷史帖子 PSP-Hacks 官方繁體中文網站: PSP – PSP Go 破解 改良 資訊 更新 Says:

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  8. roe-ur-boat Says:

    Could anyone experiencing the startup problems with the plugin download replace the AutoStart.prx in the seplugins directory with this one and report back on how it goes.

    • Kusanagi Says:

      It seems this new AutoStart.prx still have the problem, when the five minutes past and the screen turn off, I can’t wake it on.

    • Kusanagi Says:

      During the time I can only use combokey to go into the iso(cso or homebrew), and finally go back to the xmb screen.

      I’ll do some more try tomrrow, it’s already 1 o’clock.

      PS:psp3004, 5.03mhu, actived plugin:game categories, dayviewer, vshmenu.

  9. Terry Says:

    good info, I will pass this on to my friend

  10. Mcqc Says:

    Thanks you nice plugin, I would like to report a bug. When I hold the “screen” button (in the XMB) to shutdown the sreen, the screen turn off but Im stuck there with A black screen and the PSP not reacting, I need to manually turn it off.
    psp2000 (5.50 gen-d2)

  11. العاب سيارات Says:

    thank you it is great game

  12. Juan Says:

    i have i problem i cant seem to start my games up with it, my apps load but when i try to load one of my games it tells me the game cannot be started

  13. Juan Says:

    wait i could start my other games but not this one Little Big Planet weird

  14. Boy Says:

    sorry for the noob question, is this plugins safe? Mine is psp3000. Please reply, i wanna use… thnks 🙂

  15. AndrewYY Says:

    This doesn’t seem to want to run on my 3000 5.03 Gen-B. I don’t get any crash by putting the prx into vsh.txt, but the configuration application crashes without an error message. My game.txt is empty as well, so that’s not the issue.

  16. AndrewYY Says:

    (followup) running the configurator straight from chickhen seems to work fine. Thanks for the great app 🙂

  17. AndrewYY Says:

    (followup again, sorry) It seems as though this plugin doesn’t work properly on 5.03 GEN-B after all. I assigned a game for R+X but when I press them from the vsh, it just crashes my psp 😦

  18. Noah Says:

    Just a little bug (not the best word) but still might cause some weird issues is check if you’re running in 1.50 kernel if you’re using a 2000. I forgot that I was & when I added this pluggin, everything slowed down slightly and the sound dropped a step (musically). I changed it back to 5.XX and the problem went away.

    Probably nothing that needs fixing, but still something to check if you’re confounded.

  19. Juan Says:

    its a cool plugin but the only problem is that when im on the internet and i type or go to new tab, i have to press the one of the configurator buttons and it goes to the game

  20. JON Says:

    Me gustaria saber si con un firmware 6.00 de una PSP 3004, se podria hacer algo con el programa para cargar ISOs??
    Muchas graias de antemano.

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