AutoStart V5.5

Here’s another update to both the prx and the configurator. I’ve fixed an issue some people have been having with being unable to turn back on their screen after it goes black and the “LED light blinking non-stop” problem. I’ve also changed the hooking functions I used so it doesn’t interfere with any other exit game hooks like IRShell or PSPLink. On the configurator side of things, I’ve updated the text in the options screen to make it easier to understand what’s going on.

There is one plugin that I’m sure AutoStart is incompatible with but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. The plugin is called Dayviewer and I’ll try to contact the dev to see if we can work something out.

For people who are new to the plugin it allows you to launch your games and applications on PSP startup by simply holding an assigned button. You can also hold the R Trigger and a configured button anywhere in the XMB to launch your assigned game. By using the included configurator you can bind your homebrew/ISO/PSX games to up to 10 different buttons and 1 to boot automatically(good for a cintro).


Version 5.5
Changed the hooking method, apps like irshell’s exit game works correctly now.
Fixed the bug where you couldn’t turn back on the screen if turned off.
The constant LED blinking on startup shouldn’t happen anymore.
Made the text in the options menu easier to understand.

Download here:

If you like what I do and wish to make a little donation, you can do so via paypal.

Thanks to anyone that does!

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33 Responses to “AutoStart V5.5”

  1. Lampworker Says:

    Excellent release 🙂 I’m sure people will be happy to see that bug squashed. Keep up the good work on one of my absolute favorite plugins!

  2. nickxab Says:

    Cool thanks 😀

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  4. Boy Says:

    Just hoping you guys can work something out. Dayviewer creator is Total_noob…

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  6. Juan Says:

    it does work with dayviewer 6.1

  7. Albatard116 Says:

    Good Job! Thanks!!

    Just one “request” why do you don’t propose a configuration with up,down,left, right keys?

    • roe-ur-boat Says:

      Originally, I left those 4 keys out because a lot of people used the time machine and that app used those keys. If enough people want those keys I can add them although isn’t the existing ten enough?

  8. 0rly Says:

    Doesn’t work with 5.00 m33 but 5.4 does it’s a great plugin please fix thanks

  9. 0rly Says:

    Autoboot option and app assigned to shoulder button don’t boot

    On m33-6 psp-2000 if I use the 5.4 prx everything works fine except for the backlight bug

    Tried all config options also enabling/disabling plugins etc 5.5 just won’t boot for me

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  12. Lisa Says:

    is this safe for psp 3000? HELP!

  13. Morvin Says:

    Hi Roe! I just sent you an email… I hope you’ll read it. I’m having trouble with the v5.5.


  14. Ridge Says:

    I have PSP-1000(JP) and CFW 5.50 GEN-D3 installed.
    everything works fine but I cannot choose any ISO files.
    I tried V5.4 too but no luck. Any help?

  15. Ridge Says:

    Hi roe-ur-boat
    It doesn’t show up any iso, only the configurator(?)
    I didn’t install 1.50FW.

    Can you tell me your CFW setup?
    I will try to create same CFW to test.

  16. Morvin Says:

    Hi Roe! I just answered your email.

    Hope for a return.


  17. Morvin Says:

    Hey Roe!

    Man, could fix the autostart v5.5 for 5.00m33-6? Im missing your plugin A LOT. PLEASE HELP!

  18. Sub-zero Says:

    I cant make it work on 5.00m33-6… The autoboot function doesnt work. Any help?

  19. Bob Coma Says:

    Hello and Good Day

    I have a PSP Phat 5.00m33-6 Prometheusv2 Dayviewer 6.1

    My cintro isn’t working.

    Now, I also have a PSP Slim with the same above plugins and it works fine. I’m attempting to use Autorun v5.3

    Any help?

  20. Adam Says:

    hi i have a PSP Phat with 5.50 Prometheus v4 and i cant get the autostart configuator to work and ive already tried Autorun v5.5 and v4 plz help?

  21. Minesh Says:

    hi im also experiencing problems and i also have a PSP Phat with 5.50 Prometheus v4 and the configurator does not even start, after the gameboot it goes black and after a few seconds the psp switches off

    ive tried different settings, also disabling all plugins and reformating card none have worked

    please get this sorted soon i love your app

    • Minesh Says:

      i found out how to get it to work

      you need to remove some iso/homebrew from the iso/game folder ad then start the configurator

      i recommend you move them somewhere else and leave the homebrew or games you want to configure with the configurator where it is, use the configurator then move everything back

      it should work (this is a problem someone had on a previous version of this homebrew app)

  22. Coma Says:

    Minesh said:
    ” found out how to get it to work

    you need to remove some iso/homebrew from the iso/game folder ad then start the configurator

    i recommend you move them somewhere else and leave the homebrew or games you want to configure with the configurator where it is, use the configurator then move everything back

    it should work (this is a problem someone had on a previous version of this homebrew app)”

    …after removing the said isos/homebrew….the cintro will start..end…go into the psp xmb….all should be fine. Then, add the previously removed isos/homebrew and the cintro will boot with no issues…?

  23. Mitch Says:

    hello roe

    I am using the autostart plugin and I am wondering how to set up the plugin so that it can be used to select iso/cso games for use with the buttons and autostart. Is there a way to do that without going into the config file and manually entering in the path? ( Ive tried it this way but it still did not work)

    the program finds all my games that are in the GAME folder, but i was wondering if there was a way to have it include the iso/cso games in the ISO folder

    im running 6.20 PRO nightly on a psp 3000 with an 04g MB.

  24. Mitch Says:

    Yes they are, but even when i had them in the ISO folder it would never find them.

    • Mitch Says:

      ok i just tested it again (moved all the iso/cso games to the ISO folder) and it still doesn’t find them.

  25. sammy Says:

    Umm its doesnt work with my psp go what do i do

  26. psp reviews Says:

    psp reviews…

    […]AutoStart V5.5 « Roe's Boat[…]…

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