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AutoStart V5.5

December 19, 2009

Here’s another update to both the prx and the configurator. I’ve fixed an issue some people have been having with being unable to turn back on their screen after it goes black and the “LED light blinking non-stop” problem. I’ve also changed the hooking functions I used so it doesn’t interfere with any other exit game hooks like IRShell or PSPLink. On the configurator side of things, I’ve updated the text in the options screen to make it easier to understand what’s going on.

There is one plugin that I’m sure AutoStart is incompatible with but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. The plugin is called Dayviewer and I’ll try to contact the dev to see if we can work something out.

For people who are new to the plugin it allows you to launch your games and applications on PSP startup by simply holding an assigned button. You can also hold the R Trigger and a configured button anywhere in the XMB to launch your assigned game. By using the included configurator you can bind your homebrew/ISO/PSX games to up to 10 different buttons and 1 to boot automatically(good for a cintro).


Version 5.5
Changed the hooking method, apps like irshell’s exit game works correctly now.
Fixed the bug where you couldn’t turn back on the screen if turned off.
The constant LED blinking on startup shouldn’t happen anymore.
Made the text in the options menu easier to understand.

Download here:

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Thanks to anyone that does!

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AutoStart V5.3

November 19, 2009

Version 5.5 released!

Finally a stable version after hours of working to find the bug. There’s also a new GUI thanks to aspheric. Thanks to all that helped with testing and I hope you enjoy this stable version of the AutoStart plugin and it’s configurator.

For those of you who are new to it, this plugin lets you launch homebrew, PSX games and ISOs on startup by pressing the configured button. You can also set something to automatically start without the need to press any buttons.

You can find instructions and a changelog in the readme file included in the package.

Again, just comment, email, or send me a message on twitter if you have any further problems.

Download here:

AutoStart V5.2

November 18, 2009

Finally a stable version for all having problems

Hello again.

As most of you know, I released a version of Autostart two days ago that wouldn’t even start for most of you. Fortunately, through feedback from some users, I’ve managed to fix the bug and have released this small update that should solve any “Out of memory” problems or crashes.

As always, just comment, email, or sent me a message on twitter if you have any further problems.

Seems like the Out of memory problem isn’t solved, looks like one down, one to go

Heres a test build. Please report back on how it goes for you.

AutoStart V5.1

November 17, 2009

Version 5.2 now released

After two emails per week for the past few weeks I decided it was time to release a new version of my plugin.

For those of you who are new to it, this plugin lets you launch homebrew, PSX games and ISOs on startup by pressing the configured button. You can also set something to automatically start without the need to press any buttons.

It now supports the GEN firmwares and I’ve added support for Bubbletune’s Game Categories plugin so you can browse the CAT_* folders too. There’s also a small bugfix for the small number of you that have games with no name.

This should work for everyone but if you come across any problems just post a comment or email me. You can also follow me on twitter @roe-ur-boat to get status updates on it.

You can download version 5.1 here:

My PSP programming life

September 23, 2009

After almost 3 months of putting off writing in the hope of getting inspired by something I’ve decided to write up a post on how my programming life is going. I guess the short answer to this would be that it’s going grand but I’m guessing that doesn’t really cut it for a blog post…

There are two main priorites for me at the moment which are my AutoStart PRX and a game me and a friend came up with over the summer.

Regarding the AutoStart PRX; I was surprised by the emails I was getting about it almost a year after it’s release! The emails were mainly about people who couldn’t get it to function properly for some odd reason or were running it on a later firmware which it didn’t support. So I’ve just got to find the time and the motivation to rewrite it so that my inbox will be void of “Problem with ur autostart” emails for another year or so. Watch this space.

Then, the game… The idea for a game materialised during the summer whilst working in the bog. I turned to my co-worker and friend and said “Have you ever had an idea for a game you’d want to make?” to which he replied “Yeah, actually”. And so it began, our journey in the planning of our new game, “Ultimate Celebrity Stickfighters”… “What kind of a faggot name is that for a game???” I hear you cry. Well it’s a name which, not only can be abbreviated to UCS but also relates to what the game is; a bunch of stickmen with celebrity heads fighting each other. It’s still in it’s early stages but custom character creation and move creation are all in the works.

As for anything else, it’s really just small things here and there. Have been thinking about rewriting my very first game “Basket Catch”. Could make it into quite a fun little game 🙂 Feel free to comment on it if you’ve played it and give me some ideas to make it better.

That’s it then, see you next time!