If you want to contact me you can do so at or via PM at the forums and

I can also be found on the IRC server on various channels including #mformatue and #wtf. I can be found on some other servers too but I’m most likely going to be in the one mentioned.


2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. TheKeiron Says:

    Hi roe ur boat,

    I’ve tried accessing mformature to contact you but the server seems to be down (its been like that for quite a while!) anyway someone on the devils shadow forum mentioned you were working on a CFW 6.20 i was just wondering if this was complete bs or truth? This is all out of pure curiosity that i’m asking i’m already on 5.03 gen B so i’m not one of those noobs who’s gonna hound you to make one lol I understand this may be a secret as you havent put anything about it on any forums so i will understand if you can’t comment.


  2. roe-ur-boat Says:


    I’ve heard this rumour being thrown around and I can tell you that I’m not working on a CFW and have no plans to make one. I’d be grateful if you could link to this post on the forum you said as you’re not the first to ask me about it and it’d be nice to clear it up.


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